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The Mission

  • Deer photo by Kristian

    What’s With The Deer?

    My dad is an introvert, and he is the loveliest kind of introvert there is.  He is not an insecure introvert or an off-in-another-world introvert or an I-can’t-stand-people-everybody-get-away-from-me introvert.  He is a fully present,…

  • happyanniversary

    Our First Year!

    My dear friends… I am so happy to be writing this!  It’s official – Consider Grace  has reached its first birthday.  Yippee! Throughout the last year, I have been surprised and affirmed over and…

  • SAM_1107small

    Such thoughtful friends

    Early last week, I was feeling somewhat discouraged about Consider Grace. Even though I have gotten lots of Likes on Facebook recently, many of you have responded to my blog posts with comments (thank…

  • 8888552181_c1e799463c_k

    Break Out The Bubbly

    Where do I even begin? This whole Consider Grace thing has been 9 months in the making, and I first announced it two days ago on my Facebook page like this: “If it were…

  • Miniature Harp

    The Long Story

    I didn’t go into my Gospels class that morning thinking my life was going to change.  But here I sit four years later, realizing how it has. On this particular day, our assignment was…