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  • EarTrumpet

    Currently Listening

    Someone asked me the other day what my favorite worship song is. Blank stare. How could I possibly choose just one?  Or even a top three?  Or top ten?  So instead, here are some good…

  • 8266973424_af5cce7398_k

    Too Much Information

    I have jaw issues.  We know this. In case you are someone who loves hearing all the gory details and the comprehensive medical history of others, or in case you are someone who also…

  • Kalamazoo-96

    Random stuff

    I frequently have these random thoughts that come to me that I want to share with you.  However, many of them are not long enough to make an entire blog post out of.  Here…

  • LittleGuys2

    It Runs in the Family

    My grandpa’s name is Herman. {Well, really it’s Duane.  His buddies randomly started calling him “Herman” in high school and it never stopped….but that’s beside my point.} He’s an artist.  And not like I’m…