hi there….

I’m Anna Joy.  Here’s a picture of my face.

I’m a singer, an artist, a writer.

I want to bring beauty to the world, hope to the broken, and light to the dark places.

Consider Grace is one place where I can do that.


What is Consider Grace?

Consider Grace began as a blog.  But it has developed into so much more.

Consider Grace is a place for me to display all of what I like to call my “artistic harvest” {songs, writings, poems, art} and it is a place for you to enjoy them.  Feel free to click around, listen to my original music, read and subscribe to my blog, buy some art.

I hope that you are inspired and encouraged by what you see here.


What is All Things New?

Most of my art pieces are labeled under the category “All Things New”.  It’s an exciting endeavor and it is largely the reason the entire Consider Grace website was born.

The short story is…

In Scripture, Jesus told a man that if he wanted to experience the kingdom of God, he needed to sell everything he had and give to the poor.  I follow Jesus, and I do my best to figure out what He was really trying to say – in this case, I think there are things to be learned both in getting rid of junk and in helping people who need to be helped.

So I purged my closets.  Some of it I can sell, but most of it wouldn’t be worth fifty cents in a garage sale, so thanks to Pinterest and lots of ideas from crafty friends, I have made my old things into new things.  Things that you will hopefully buy.  Proceeds will be given directly to benefit survivors and victims of sex trafficking.  {Even proceeds from the “Original Art” category and music proceed will be given.  It’s all for the cause!}

For my first cause and for our first project, we raised $600 to provide vocational training at Mercy Chapel for one year to one girl who has been rescued from sex trafficking by the folks at International Crisis Aid.  {You can read all about their organization here.}

Crisis Aid was so thankful for our gift, and they do such beautiful work with such grace and responsibility.  So I decided to keep raising funds for them, here, at Consider Grace.

Someday, we might choose a different cause to work for.  It may be providing a clean water well to a village.  Or it might have something to do with the lepers I met in the Dominican Republic.  Or maybe feeding hungry babies.

Either way, I will be getting rid of junk, you will be getting pretty things for your home, and we will both be joining together to bring light into the dark places on earth.


So that’s it!

I hope you like what you see here.  Please tell your friends about Consider Grace and the All Things New project.

And if you ever have any comments, suggestions, or questions, I’d love to get an email from you.


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