hi there…

I’m Anna Joy.  Here’s a picture of my face.


I’m a singer, an artist, a writer.

I want to bring beauty to the world, hope to the broken, and light to the dark places.

Consider Grace is one place where I can do that.

What is Consider Grace?

Consider Grace began as a blog.  But it has developed into so much more.

I have a deep longing for justice and an unshakable assurance of redemption.  I also own a lot of stuff.  Too much stuff.  Through following the current trends {and spending lots of hours on Pinterest}, I’ve gotten pretty good at turning old things into new things.

With a little care and patience, something broken can be made beautiful again.

To celebrate the picture of redemption that comes with upcycling, everything for sale on my site is made from stuff that either used to belong to me or has been donated to me by others.  And all proceeds from sales will benefit victims and survivors of sex slavery.

I get rid of junk.  You get pretty new things.  Someone’s life is changed forever.

Crisis Aid is my favorite organization.  I trust their heart as well as their business model, and they get 100% of proceeds from sales in my shop.*  They use it for their safe homes in the U.S. and abroad, as well as their Mercy Chapel in Ethiopia which provides education and career training for women stuck in the sex industry.  Please visit crisisaid.org to find out more about them and their beautiful mission.

So that’s it!

I hope you like what you see here.  Please tell your friends about Consider Grace.

And if you ever have any comments, suggestions, or questions, I’d love to get an email from you.


*Occasionally, items sold at Consider Grace may be a part of a special project fighting sex trafficking through a different organization than Crisis Aid, but those items will always be specifically notated.

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