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The Nashville Project

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    Nashville #4 – Thank You

    All week long, Dustin has been taking the songs I’ve written, breaking them down into individual instruments – drums, bass, piano, guitar, etc. – and building them back up into full songs.  They really…

  • Stitched Panorama

    Nashville #3 – The Lingo

    If you ever come to Nashville and record an album, there are certain words and phrases you will need to be familiar with.  So here are some helpful instructions. {Ahem} A Lesson on Nashville…

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    Nashville #2 – Juxtaposynthesis

    Juxtaposynthesis. It’s a word my sculpture professor would use all the time, and I’m pretty sure he made it up.  It’s when two things that seem opposite or unrelated come together in a really…

  • NashvilleSkyline

    Nashville #1

    I want you to try an experiment. Grab a suitcase with wheels, fill it up with clothes and toiletries and a couple of books and anything else you would take on a long trip. …

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    Gospel Music

    Well, I finally did it.  I’ve always wanted to write a gospel song {on the spectrum, think more toward Jennifer Holliday….and less toward The Gaither Vocal Band}, and today, I did! Even before The…

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    The Nashville Project

    I mentioned in a previous post about an important trip I was going to take, and I promised to tell you more about it later.  Well, here it is. On November 11th, I will…