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You guys.  You’re gonna love this.  {I hope.}

If you are a Jesus person or a church person, it’s probably not news to you that worship is hard.  Sure, if you’re climbing on a mountain or staring at a beautiful sunset or standing in the middle of a crowd at the concert of your favorite band, it’s not hard to feel feelings of worship.  Thanks.  Awe.  Mystery.  Your own tiny-ness.  But let’s be honest.  At 9 o’clock on the morning after Saturday night, when you’re supposed to conjure up thoughts about your insignificance and still your significance because of the Almighty God and the redeeming, sanctifying work of the cross of Jesus Christ and His direction and purpose for your life…um, yeah…imma need another espresso.

But!  I have a tool for all of you that I hope will help.

I’m calling it “Weekend Worship Lyrics”.

When I was in elementary school, I joined my first worship team.  We were called “The Rocket Band”, and I’m pretty sure we were terrible {no offense, guys!}.  Many of us grew up to continue in the music industry, so maybe we were better than I imagine a bunch of 5th-8th graders could be.  I don’t know.

My point is that I have had the honor and privilege to be immersed in worship music for more than half of my life.  Because of all the hours I’ve spent listening and writing and singing and reading worship songs, I have an ever-expanding library of Jesus-y lyrics that are very dear to me.

Beginning now, on the weekends {probably not every weekend…because, life}, I’m going to share these songs and lyrics and my stories with you.  Along with each post I will whip up a little graphic with the featured lyrics for you to Tweet or Pin or Share or use as a wallpaper or print and stick to your mirror or whatever.  And I am SUPER excited that my incredibly talented and kind, good friend Brian Wolfe agreed to let me use his photos for the backgrounds.  You guys.  You owe it to yourself to visit all his pages and look at ALL his photos.  Inspiring.

My hope in this is that when you show up to worship with your people on Sunday mornings or whenever you set aside time to worship, you have a little extra something to mull over and drive you deeper into God’s heart.

For my first installment, an oldie.  To remind us what the driving force is behind this whole faith thing anyway…



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