Baby Jace


Update: Baby Jace is gone.  Let’s turn our hearts to his family now.  To his parents, Jon and Lindy, and to all who love them.

I really need you to pray.  For real.

This is our friend Jon Hersey with his beautiful wife Lindy.


He went to college with my hubby, and he stood up for us in our wedding.


They have a precious little girl, Eliana.


And in December, their boy Jace was born.


Jace was born with only half of his heart working, so out of his five months being alive, only nine days of them have been at home.  The rest of the time, he has been in hospital.

He has been waiting since birth for a heart transplant, and last month it came.


At first, everything improved, and he was taking to his new heart like a champ.  One day, everything changed completely, and his body went into total shut down mode.  Since that time, we have been hoping and praying and believing for him to improve.

But he has only gotten worse.  Much, much worse.

The staff at his beautiful children’s hospital have exhausted all options, and have pronounced that nothing else can be done for him.

They told Jon and Lindy that it was time to make the hard decision.  It was time to remove him from ECMO, the machine that keeps his blood “healthy” even when the rest of his body has quit.

The machines are being turned off this afternoon, and at that point they will either watch Jace go away to heaven or they will watch heaven come down to earth.

You guys, Jon and Lindy are showing an impossible amount of strength and faith and honesty in all of this.  I can’t believe it.  They are trusting that God will fulfill his plan for Jace, which may mean taking him home to no more suffering or healing him with a miracle.  After today, we will know the answer.  And in case there is no miracle, then we can talk about trust and how to grieve and how to care for their hearts.

But for these next couple of hours….for what could be the last hours of Jace’s life…please, will you pray?  Will you pray for a miracle?  Don’t pray yet that God will help them in their grief.  He will, and we can pray for that after today.  But for now, please just pray for Jace to be healed.

We are people who believe in things far beyond what can be explained in our world.

So pray for peace in these next couple of hours.  For assurance.  For grace upon grace.  Pray for baby Jace.

To read more perspective from Jon and Lindy, you can follow Jace’s story here.

Update: Baby Jace is gone.  Let’s turn our hearts to his family now.  To his parents, Jon and Lindy, and to all who love them.

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