Break Out The Bubbly


Where do I even begin?

This whole Consider Grace thing has been 9 months in the making, and I first announced it two days ago on my Facebook page like this: “If it were a baby, today would be its birthday.”  What I didn’t realize was how fitting that analogy was.  Allow me to demonstrate.

When the idea was first “conceived” (sorry), it was such a far-off dream.  Formless, shapeless, just a hazy thing floating around in my brain.  But as time passed, it began to resemble an actual plan.  The plan began to be executed, steps taken, DIY blogs scoured, prayers prayed, t-shirts chopped up, paper glued together…and before I knew it, this vague impression became a tangible, discernible something.  I began to plan and prepare more and more, to cross off to-do lists.  I got so excited.

And then, just like that, one day it wasn’t here and the next day it was.  And I had followers and comments and re-posts and Likes and sales.  {To those of you who have given actual birth, I ask you to graciously avert your eyes at the fact that the “labor and delivery” of this project was simply crafting a 29-word Facebook status and pressing “Post”.  Hardly something to be proud of.)  But I was thrilled.  Thrilled!

The truth is, though, the real work has just begun.  I did as much preparing and advice-getting and thing-making as I could, but now is the time to really get my hands dirty.  To keep up with this baby.  To envision where I want it to be in one month, six months, five years, and to do the necessary things now in order to get it there.

Here is the email I sent to my first donor (a more fitting word here than “customer”):


“Hi Erin,

Consider this an e-confetti party with blow horns and joyous music and champagne bottles opening left and right because you are officially the first purchaser of any of my art.  Ever!

Thank you.

(What a tiny, insignificant phrase in comparison to the thrill I feel.)”


And that’s exactly what I’d like to say to you.  Thank you.  Thank you for reading and encouraging and supporting and promoting.  If it wasn’t for all of you, I would just be a crazy craft lady.

Here’s to Day 3 and beyond.

Photo by Brian Wolfe(y) of our friends Thomas and Hannah.


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