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Early last week, I was feeling somewhat discouraged about Consider Grace.

Even though I have gotten lots of Likes on Facebook recently, many of you have responded to my blog posts with comments (thank you!), and lots of people have generally just been asking how it’s going, I began to feel like it was all meaningless if I wasn’t actually selling pieces and getting real dollars to help these girls.  Plus, I think the first week after launch got me into the swing of having LOTS of purchases and LOTS of donations, and since the last two weeks have been slow, I got a little down.  So I asked my sweet friend Jordan {who has been as excited as me, if not more, about Consider Grace} to pray for me to keep my chin up and to not let a small slowness like this discourage me.

Wow, that girl must have a special prayer power or something, because let me tell you what has been happening…

Consider Grace is going to be included in a local magazine later this Fall.

I’ve been speaking with a producer in Nashville to get a real album made, and it’s really going to happen!  In November! This will {hopefully} increase my platform of influence and allow me to spread the word even more about what we can all do to help those who are sexually exploited.  {Stay tuned for more details on how you can be a part of this crazy music project}.

A couple of dear 7- and 8-year-old sisters from church gave me this dress and this driftwood to make something out of.  Precious!

I got up on stage to play the piano at church this Sunday, and this sweet little package was waiting for me on the piano bench

{Note…I did NOT make that darling Consider Grace gift tag.  How thoughtful can someone possibly be?  Taking my logo from my website and making it into something as cool as this?  That Bekah…I’m tellin’ you what.}

So I opened it up, and…

That’s right.  All the fixins to make my OWN adorable gift tags.  And with a rubber stamp like that…good gracious, the possibilities are endless.  I can now make Consider Grace personalized notecards, tissue paper, gift bags, post-its, envelopes, labels….so many things!  I bet I could even make Consider Grace sugar cookies!

So, that’s my story.  God took away all my discouraged feelings, and he used a great, supporting bunch of friends to do it.  I pray He does the same for you today, reader.

I believe He will.



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