It Runs in the Family


My grandpa’s name is Herman.

{Well, really it’s Duane.  His buddies randomly started calling him “Herman” in high school and it never stopped….but that’s beside my point.}

He’s an artist.  And not like I’m an “artist” who uses hot glue and acrylic paint in every single piece.  He’s a REAL artist with degrees and prizes and a studio and a resume.

We do have something in common, though.  We make stuff out of other stuff.

Me: paper towel rolls, old hymnals, soda pop tabs, empty tin cans.

Grandpa: pieces of telephones, sewing machines, musical instruments, random gears and hunks of wood.  It’s called “Assemblage”.

Exhibit A: “Watch Dog”

“Organic Guitar”

Made from a toilet seat and organ pieces.

The Moose Head

“The General”

It’s a clock.  And it’s been standing in that corner for literally my entire life.

If you look closely in his body, you can see “The Family Jewels” (are you getting Grandpa’s humor yet?).

Look at THESE little guys.

That girl with the springy hair is so cute!

My Personal Favorite: “Aim-y”

Aim-y’s cousin, “Horn-y”

Grandpa lives almost 7 hours away, and to this day almost every time we come for a visit, he has a new piece.  He sets it out on the kitchen table with a dark cloth over it, we pour something fancy to drink, and he unveils it.  Then we sit around and try to figure out all the pieces it’s made out of and either hear the ironic, pun-y name Grandpa has chosen or we try to come up with a name ourselves.

I love it.  Best. Family. Ever.

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