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Last spring, my sweet hubby surprised me with a gift from some of my family and friends in the form of money to begin working on a new music project. Since then, I’ve been dreaming, writing, praying, and planning and now it’s time to turn these little tunes into genuine pieces of music for you to enjoy at home.

I’m calling the album “Songs for the Storm” – 5 songs of prayer and processing for various sadnesses we might experience. Sickness. Wandering. Divorce. Doubt. Sin. The songs will be driven mostly by piano and guitar and layered with violin, cello, drums, bass, choir, trumpet, synth, and more. I’m so excited for you to hear it.

I’ll be working and recording at Overneath here in Kalamazoo, which is not only a beautiful facility with impressive, high-end gear (hello Steinway grand piano), but it’s owned and operated by some of my dear friends.

Gordon Van Gent is the brains, the skill, and the talent behind the recording studio at Overneath, and he and I have already clocked many hours of co-writing and pre-production for this project. He takes my simple little songs and turns them into these gorgeous masterpieces that I am just so proud of already….and we haven’t even started recording yet!

For some reason, working on my original songs can be a tender spot, and one that often causes anxiety and fear in me. So as I work on this project, please do pray for me. I so believe in its ability to help.

I am also looking for some help with the funding of this project – hoping to raise $4,000, so if you’d consider being a part of that, I would so deeply appreciate it.

Thanks to all of you who have listened to my music and told me I need to make another album. It’s really happening now!

~Anna Joy

P.S. If you donate at least $10, I will count it as a pre-order and you will receive a free copy of the album once it’s completed.

A note: while donations and sales made on the rest of the Consider Grace website are used to fight sex trafficking, the donations made to this project are specifically to pay for the cost of creating this album.  Thank you!

UPDATE: This project has been fully funded – thank you!!

In-studio photo from my dear Tia of Innate Images.

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